Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An update...can you believe it???

Well things are chuggin along in my world. Nothing major really. Well I guess one major thing is that I got to go to Vancouver for the weekend 2.5weeks ago with a friend. I basically shopped till I dropped. We flew down...hadn't been on an airplane since I was 10!!! I also hadn't been to Van City since Expo 86!!! So it was a well deserved mini getaway for me. It was the first time ever that I have gone somewhere overnight without ANY of my was great (no offense to my husband or kids though) I can't wait to do it again!!! While I was there I got to see U2 Live!!!! Yes I did....on the Imax of course!! It was so good!!

Schools going well. Two more days and then I have spring break...woo hoo! I started my clinical last week, so every thursday and friday I go to the local seniors home and practice my "skills". I was so nervous last week...especially since I got put in the alzheimer/dementia ward right off the bat...but it was good...and dare I say fun?!?! I'm back in there tomorrow, so it should be another interesting day...and a day with me repeating myself over and over...but thats ok...its all part of the job.

Not sure what else to say. Feeling really emotional today...just took the dog for a walk and just wanted to cry...but I couldn't. Not feeling that hot physically either...achy, have a bit of a cold, tired...I know that I need to exercise more...I KNOW that that makes me feel better. Its just so hard somedays to get yourself motivated after being in school all day...but I know that its so worth doing!!! For my mind, body and soul...its worth it!!! So hopefully I can do alot more walking once spring break comes around and get myself into some sort of routine.

We're heading out to Alta. for a few days of spring break...we're going to J's parents place to see everyone. We haven't seen some of them since the christmas before last!! I have a new niece and nephew that I haven't met that will be extra special. It won't be a long trip...but its a much needed trip as J's brother and his wife and family are going to Indonesia on permanent missions in June, so we need to see them before they it'll be a couple of years before we see them again! Sad hey? So thats why we're going out see them especially.

Well I better go gather my things and my thoughts for my day in clinical tomorrow. I have to be there at 6:45am...yuck!!! Oh well...tis life!

I hope everyone out there who still manages to read this is doing well...spring is slowly springing on us...thank goodness!!!
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