Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And Update!

Well its been a while hasn't it? Where to start?

I decided that I needed to go home to Saskatoon so within two days of thinking that I had three bus tickets for me and my kids. We decided to just go as far as Edmonton and then my parents picked us up from there so we didn't have a five hour layover...not that I didn't know anyone to come and pick us up for a visit...but by the time we got there we had already been on the bus for 18 not really in the mood for too much chit chat and the kids just needed to get to our destination.

While in Stoon I went shopping...ALOT!!! Out here I'm pretty limited with our small selection of stores. So it was so nice to go to a "real" mall and to stores that we don't have anywhere near us. I admit I spent a bit too much...oh well, life goes on! I also got to hang out with my parents, and my sister, her husband and her three kids. It was a much needed time away from here! I got to see some pretty good thunder and lightning storms...something we hardly get out here at all, we get one good boom and maybe a flash or two and thats it!!!

I also got to hang out with some good friends on a couple of evenings. It was so nice to see you all.

I know I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to...but this trip was more about me getting away from here and just relaxing and giving my brain a me selfish...but I needed this trip, whether I saw people or not. Next time I hope to see a few that I missed this time around.

My parents drove me back to Edmonton...actually Spruce Grove. There I stayed with Jason's brother Barry and his wife Melissa and two girls for a couple of days. It was nice visiting with them too. I was able to check out their new house as well...its very nice! We then left from Edmonton for here late last wednesday night.

During our bus ride back we saw a wolf and a few other wild things. I had never seen a wolf out in the was so cool. Jason's seen a couple this summer...weird how all of a sudden you start seeing them.

The kids did well on the bus ride. We had a few outbursts and uncomfortable sleeps...but all in all they did pretty well. Rowyn had a problem peeing on the bus...he won't go in anything that looks like and outhouse I ended up getting him to pee into an empty bottle...gross, yes...but probably less gross than sitting on the bus toilet!! It worked and thats all that mattered.

So now we're back. Its taken a bit to get back into the swing of things...but its slowly coming along. School starts next tuesday!!! Rowyn's starting kindergarten this year as well...but he doesn't start until the 12th or so...not sure why, but thats just the way it is I guess. Syd's going into grade goodness! My kids are definitely growing up!

I'm having a bit of a hard time it seems. There's alot going on in my head and my mind. I can honestly say that I am sick and tired of living with hardly any sun! I feel as if over the past year the sun has only shone about %10 of the time. We had such a long rained or snowed almost everyday. We hardly had a summer. I think I only wore shorts twice...seriously!!! I really think that all this gloom has led to some of my down times. I don't know if I'm cut out for this. And now...fall is quickly approaching, the days are getting shorter again and the sun still hardly shines. Its quite depressing! And for someone who is trying to deal with that part of her doesn't help!!! Not sure what I'm trying to say here...well I kind of do, but don't want to say it! I literally feel like I have a rainy cloud over my head all the time. Not sure what to do about it anymore. It comes and goes...but I seriously think that I need more sun in my life. Real sun...not no sun lamp thingy!!

Well thats about it. I have more to say...but for now, thats enough! Enjoy whats left of your summer!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm here...just haven't had much time to update this thing. An update is coming soon...maybe later on tonight, we'll see if I'm in the mood or not.

I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of summer...around here, I feel as if we hardly had one!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm off for my 100hr trip! haha!

Just a short post. I'm leaving...on a jet plane...well no, but on a bus...yes! The kids and I are going on a trip so we'll see ya when we see ya! Pray for my sanity for the next 100 um I mean 18 hours! (Christy...ya know I love ya! haha!)
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