Saturday, August 16, 2008

I can't come up with good title's for my posts anymore...

Well the time has come for a bit of an update I think! It feels like forever since my last post and so much seems to have happened since then.

As you know, our cat died. Well a week after she left, I...on a whim may I add...bought a puppy. I have to admit that I didn't think it through a whole lot...and I wasn't trying to replace the cat...we had talked about getting a puppy in the fall for the kids b'days...but all of a sudden there was one for sale, and I knew that I had to get her. She is sooo sweet, yet a little terd disturber all the same, LOL! has helped us all alot and we love her so much. She's a mutt, but a cute mutt at that. She's a pom/terrier plus a bit more terrier, plus whatever else is thrown in there. She looks terrier though. Most people as what kind of terrier she is...I don't know...her own unique self!! We named her Bailey...I like to call her Bailey Ray Cyrus (yes, Hanna Montana has some influence in this house...haha). She's a fiesty little girl, but is very cuddly, which we all enjoy. She sleeps with Syd and thats a good thing. As I said in my previous post, Rosy our cat slept with Syd all the Syd has a new friend to cuddle with at night. Our big dog Koby doesn't care for her much yet, hopefully they'll grow to be friends.

I've also been offered a job at the hospital here. Its just on a casul basis, which is alright since I still have two kids to look after, and who still need me some of the time. I haven't started yet...its been kind of frustrating. The hiring process is a bit different for this kind of position as the hospital people don't check your references and stuff...they get a seperate company to do police checks too. So I'm not sure why its taking so long to start...but I'm enjoying my free time as much as possible right now. It'll be twelve hour shifts that makes for a long day, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. If I happen to get on full time at some point, it'll be four days on, five days thats actually really nice. I'm excited, yet nervouse all the same.

Jason's parents were here for a week. They've been RV hauling since early spring. What they do is go to the manufacturer of the RV...usually in Indiana...but this time they had to go to Oregon and then deliver the RV to the dealership here where we live. So we had a good visit with them. We got some fishing done as well. The first couple days were unsuccessful in us keeping any...but they were able to catch quite a few steelhead, but because of declining numbers, you're no longer allowed to keep them. BTW...a steelhead for those of you who don't know is a trout that has gone out to the ocean and has come back to spawn in fresh water streams and rivers. On their last day fishing, Jason caught to Coho salmon in his first hour of fishing, Rowyn reeled in two as well and J's parents caught three. So needless to say, we have a few fish in the freezer and so will J's parents! I think all together 9 coho were caught as well as two pinks! Thats the most success we've ever had! Its kinda nice! Of course it happens the year that I don't get my fishing license! Oh well...I'll eat them just the same!

Our reno's are slowly but surely coming along. Atleast our new tub is usable and the shower is installed but the back ring of the tap needs to be installed. I was soaking in the tub today and when I tried to get out, I slipped and smashed the side of my face on my newly tiled wall and wrenched my neck and hit my lower back must of gotten twisted as well. I bawled like a baby I tell ya...J had to come and help me get out of the tub. I think I cried more out of shock than anything. What a way to break in the new tub!! So I'm eagerly awaiting to see if I will have any bruises. My cheekbone looks a bit more prominent than before...just need the other one to look the same and I'll have some very nice bone!

Thats about it I guess! Ciao!
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