Saturday, July 26, 2008

This week....

Hey everyone (if there is indeed anyone reading this anymore). Well I'm bummed out. Things just aren't fun as of late. In my last post I was hoping for a job...well I didn't get it. Not sure why...but thats the nature of the business I guess. I was told that I wasn't chosen "this time around" maybe the next round will be my time...where I applied they are adding on so they will be hiring more staff. Only two of my classmates are working there...actually three, but the one was working there before we started school, so she just switched positions. I also only know of two others in my class that are working in Home Support. I may apply and try that out...its really not my first, or second choice...but I do want to work and not lose my skills. I still haven't heard from the hospital...I will give them a call this coming week. Just kind of frustrated. I thought for sure that I'd have a job...not to be or sound cocky...but I really thought that more than four people out of my class would be employed by now. Oh well, life has kind of been crazy for me the past month anyways.

My sister and her family were here for a few was good, but I felt so bad cause my bathrooms still weren't done and I honestly wasn't the best host. Atleast my sister loves me...whether I'm prepared or not:) We then headed to Edmonton for a couple of days. It was fun, but crazy and busy. We were able to see Jason's brother and his family and his parents before we came home. While we were out there my dear neighbor housesat for us. She texted me that my one cat Rosy seemed depressed and was throwing up and not eating. I didn't think much of it...just thought that she may be eating when Tamara wasn't around. Well when we got home, I could see that she wasn't doing too well. It was last friday evening that we got home, so I decided to see how she'd do over the weekend. I thought maybe once we were back that she'd start to eat again. Well she didn't. She just became weaker and more lethargic. On monday she really wasn't doing well, I gave the vet a call but couldn't get in until this past wednesday. I was going to have her put to sleep, but decided to have her checked out first. By tuesday, I changed my mind. She couldn't stand without falling, she had stopped going to the bathroom and she was drooling some nasty stuff. I changed my appt. to one that would just be putting her to sleep. It was so hard to see her this way...she was so skinny, so weak...but yet she'd still purr when you held her. I prayed that God would take her...I couldn't do anything for her. I tried to syringe feed her some chicken flavored baby food...I got some into her...but she really fought it. On tuesday...she actually peed in her bed that I made for her...I knew then...the end was close. I couldn't sleep very well that night. She woke me up with a strange cry in the middle of the night. I checked on her and just prayed that it would all end...I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up for about an hour. I went back to my room around 4:15 am. She had moved her head upwards and was taking her last breathes. Within a few minutes she was gone. I was crying so hard that I woke my husband up. Then my daughter woke up. Rosy was her best friend...she slept with her almost every she was gone. She was only seven...I have NO idea what happened to her. When I had described her symptoms to my vet...they said that it could be anything from a reaction to a bug bite, to kidney failure. She wasn't an outside cat, but she did occasionally roam around our front yard...but usually not for long. She wasn't I got the guilt trip from one of our vets out here...they wouldn't even see her. It was not a fun time... I just wish that I knew what happened...but I know that I will never know. I know that she was just a cat...but she was our cat, and even though she drove us all nutts at times and scared many of our friends :) she was loved and will be missed. She was our first family pet. Thankfully we still have two fur balls around to more cat and a dog. I just feel sooooo bad for Syd. Every night when its time for bed...she cries...she just wants her cat there to cuddle with in bed.

I don't think that Rosy was ever a very healthy cat. She had one leg shorter than the other, had a bought with some weird skin thing about two years ago and was very Dr. jekyl/Mr. Hyde when it came to personality. She could be so loving...and then scream and hiss at you the next. One of her litter mates died from depression when they were kittens because it missed the other kittens that were sold. So she may have been sick for a long time and we just didn't know...who knows. Its just weird to not hear her around. Our other cat is very quiet except when he purrs...then he sounds like a chainsaw!

I'm now realizing that if I had been hired at our local seniors home...I would have had to start this week and I don't think I could have because I wouldn't have wanted to leave the kids alone with the cat dying and then after she was would not have been right to leave them in such distress. So i look at this all as God's always is His timing...and I'm thankful now that it all worked out the way it did. I don't love the fact that my cat died...but I am glad that she was able to pass at home and that I didn't have the guilt of having to put her to sleep.

I know this is a crazy post about my cat...I'm sorry...this just has been my week.

This weekend I should've been at a ladies retreat...but I didn't sign up in now I'm here...but I have reno's...yippee...not! I'm kinda regretting not going...but I was so preoccupied this week...and I haven't been in church the past couple of weeks. Oh well.

Well I hope I didn't depress you all too much. Thanks for reading and making it to the end. I promise that my next post will be a bit more cheerful (I hope).
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