Sunday, January 18, 2009

I think I'd need to do A LOT of haircuts...

I'm in the need for a new pair of haircutting shears (they are called shears, not scissors...not that it matters). So I googled "haircutting shears"...and the first website I went to had these fine pair. Ya...they're even on sale! For a great deal I might add...$1299! But you get free shipping, so whose complaining;)

Right now...

Hey. So here I sit...early sunday afternoon and I just went through the messages on our phone...turns out the stupid ringer has been turned off all weekend so I missed a few!! I was suppose to work yesterday (saturday) but called in on friday early evening to say that I couldn't. I had been dealing with a horrible "time of the month" all of the worst on record...and especially bad since I haven't had it for six months!!!! I just wasn't feeling up to working all day, 12 hours on a saturday. I had had plans to get a bunch of stuff done during the week...but due to my six month visitor...I was basically housebound and living in the bathroom for a couple of days...FUN!!!! I am thankful though that I finally got it though...not for any particular reasons...I'm just glad when I get it cause it makes me feel normal!

So today while I was listening to my messages. My work called like three times after I had called time was because they got me mixed up with someone else, the next telling me that they couldn't fill my shift and that I would HAVE to come in and the next saying that someone was able to cover it. I know that I shouldn't let it bother me...its a done deal, its over with, today is a new day...but it does bother me!!! I mean what if I was super duper sick or something and they couldn't find someone to cover my shift...they'd expect me to still come to work???? I tell ya, I dread my job...I absolutely hate the twelve hours. I know I shouldn't complain...I should be thankful that I do have a job...but really. I've never called in sick before or not worked my shifts...and yet when I don't come in for the first time ever...they expect me to anyways, no matter how I feel!!! It just frustrates me to no end! I'm glad that someone covered my shift...cause had I not called them back because the ringer was shut off...that would have looked really bad!!! I don't mind the twelve hour night shift so much...but a day shift...on a saturday...that is my entire day...gone!!! I know, I need to do my part as well...I'm just saying that I don't love it...thats all.

On to better news...finally! We are taking a trip (which I have yet to inform my boss of...oops!). This friday we're heading to Vancouver Island! We're taking the Ferry overnight and will be there on saturday! I cannot wait! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! Jason and the kids have never been to the island and I haven't been there since I went to Expo really, I don't remember much about it at all. We're planning on being there for a few agenda. We're just going to fly by the seat of our pants and do whatever we feel like doing. Of course we'll take in a few "attractions"...maybe do a bit of shopping...but really not much if I can help it. I just want to "see" the explore as much as I can. I'm sure summer is the best time to go...but we need to get away from here for a while. We haven't left this area since July...that is too long to not go anywhere for me!! We are also hoping to make a few "connections" as far as a job for Jason you can pray for that if you feel led to do so. The kids are excited too. I'm just hoping that we don't all end up sea sick...but I will have lots of Gravol in hand...just in case.

I have a class tomorrow in regards to work, then I work on tuesday and thursday night (yes...I won't have much sleep on friday) so wednesday is basically my only day to do most of the packing and such.

Well thats about it...I hope you're all well!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well Christmas was pretty good. We got our kids a Wii as their "main" gift. I had full intentions of not going overboard with "things"...but I did. In some ways I regret it...but there's always next year to hold back a little or a lot depending on things.

I missed spending time with family...thats what is so hard about Christmas. Its time for family and when you don't have any gets to be quite lonely. Thankfully we have eachother (the four of us).

We've recieved a ton of snow in the past week and a bit. Its been quite nice.

I'm not lovin my job. I'm realizing that I hate the day shift and twelve hour shifts really mess me up. Its been really slow lately. At one point there were no women in the house at all. I worked christmas day night and there was only one lady staying there. I don't mind the night shift...I can do my own thing and watch TV if I choose to. I have some work to do...but not a lot! The day shift I find harder, especially if there is no one in the house and no other staff around. I worked the other day and read 300 pages of a 400 page book. I came home and finished the book! Crazy! Ya, its easy money...but its boring. I feel for these women...but I don't know what to say to them. I find it frustrating when you here that they get themselves into the same situations time and time again...over and over. I know its a cycle...and I know its hard to get out of abusive situations. Its just not what I thought it would heart is not in it unfortunately. I'm also not working that much anyways. I'm finding being on call very difficult. If I'm asked to take a shift for a day down the road, no problem...but getting asked to take a shift the next day I really can't stand. I've applied for a part time position...but we'll see what happens. If I don't get it, then I may just reapply at the seniors place out here. Ya, I'm still on call, but they're eight hour shifts and they usually ask you in advance and give you a "set" of shifts. Who knows if they'll even have me back. I had gone and asked them for my job back before I got my current job and they said no...not at that time. They wanted to see me prove my commitment either through another job or by volunteering. Well I have another job we'll see. I dunno.

There's a lot on my mind these much that I'd love to share, but know that I can't. There would be too much judgement and opinions thrown my way that I'd want to run and hide. Just something else that I need to get through without the whole world knowing.

Well once upbeat post! haha!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2009!
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