Thursday, January 31, 2008

Longtime No See!

Hey everyone who is still checking this blog of mine out!

Well alot of people have been asking me how things are going. Today...I can say they are going good! Yesterday...oh man...not good at all. I swear I was ready to throw in the towel! I had a written and a practical exam today and I was so stressed!!! Not because I didn't know what I was because yesterday when I was practicing for my practical (transfering patients from bed to wheelchair, vice versa) I saw some people doing things that we hadn't been shown by the instructors. So then I started to panic. For our test we had to "draw" our scenario out and perform that certain type of transfer in front of an instructor. I was just really ticked that some people had been shown a different way of doing a specific transfer and that some of us hadn't seen it. The reason this happened is because there are 24 of us, we do our "practical" stuff in two different rooms and there are usually only 2 instructors for that part of the course. Last time we were able to practice...we only had one instructor and thats when she showed some of the students this other way of doing things. Soooooo...this morning the instructors showed us some examples before we got tested...just to make sure everyone was on the same page. Its very frustrating some days...being at school. You think you're doing something right, then you see something different, or someone tells you different...other than an instructor, so you start second guessing yourself!!! Yes...there are some "know it alls" in my class...oh man, let me tell you, somedays its a test of patience for me...not to give them a piece of my mind or to just tell them to shut up!!! Oh takes all kinds to make this world go round!

So I have some quiet time tonight...something that I have been lacking. Now don't get me wrong, I love my family...but I am "peopled" out. Being surrounded by 24 people for atleast 7 hours a day takes its toll on me. I do love people...but I can only take so much before I am overwhelmed and need some "me" time. Our classes are very discussion based sitting there saying nothing like some courses out there. So there is always someone talking or talking to you. I do enjoy it...but I do miss my "me" time. So once again I am missing cell (caregroup)...not because I want to...but because I'm taking some much needed "no people" time. Jason took the kids because its an appy night and they need to get out and socialize too and have some fun. I also decided to stay home because I have another big test...probably my biggest yet on monday. I want to start studying now so I can relax for a bit on the weekend, rather than cramming like crazy! Oh the joys of being a student and a family all at the same time. Seriously...its not easy...but I know in the end it'll be worth it.

Thats about it...I hope you're all doing fine out there! Thanks for your encouraging words and hopefully it won't be so long before I post again!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Right Now...

~ tired
~ overwhelmed
~ brain drain
~ can't concentrate
~ itching for some alone time
~ would love to just run and run and run!
~ wish there were more hours in a day
~ tired of having a pinched nerve in my shoulder
~ tired of pain
~ missing my family
~ would love to get "away" for a while
~ looking forward to summer
~ would love some "get up and go"
~ would like some chocolate
~ stressed
~ would love to cry...but can't!

Yep...thats about if for right now!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Week one is now over...TGIF!!!

Well it is the end of week one! Phew!!! For the most part I am enjoying it. I am having a hard time with learning time management though. Not with school work...but trying to get everyone ready and out the door and to where they need to be early enough that I have a moment or two to gather my thoughts before class's hoping next week will be better!!

This week we had our regular classes in the morning and then a "special" class in the afternoons. This class was to benefit us by teaching us how to be better students...better studying and learning skills...etc. I can't say that I learned a whole lot...but thankfully its now over and I won't have to take it again!!

Today was interesting. I got to school five minutes late...which was odd as I didn't have to take Rowyn to daycare or Syd to school...I just had myself to get ready. Once I got there things were alright. Came home for lunch to check on the kids and to help them out with some stuff...went back...ugh! I had made my friend and I some mocha frappucino's and one of the cups was leaking and being all weird all the way to school (a twenty minute drive or so)...I got there and found out that the seal was missing in the lid...figures. So I brought my friend the good cup and got my one from the morning...went back to my truck, poured the stuff from the crappy cup into the good cup...went back into school...knocked the lid off the cup and spilled some in the to class and within five minutes proceeded to spill almost all of it onto our work table! AHHHHHH! So I had some major clean up to do...thankfully none of us had put our binders or papers onto the table yet. All I could think of was..."what a gong show today is" and...TGIF!!!!!!!

After school my friend and I headed to Work Wearhouse to buy our scrubs. What flattering outfits they are! haha...ya right! Our class voted on burgundy being the color we would I bought two sets of burgundy scrubs...not my choice...but majority rules!! We can't buy printed or different colors yet...we need people to know that we are students when we do our practicums. Anyhow...I got a good deal on one set as they are discontinuing the brand...$6.99 for a pair of pants and the same for the top...not bad I must say. I also picked up some "yoga" type pants too for just sitting around and for school when I don't need to wear scrubs...I can't stand sitting in jeans all day...never have, never will!!

Came home and just vegged on my bed. I really wanted to spend some proper time with my kids...but I just needed some quiet time. I love people, I enjoy school...but I am a person that needs my alone time as well and all I've had for alone time this week is study time. So I just lay there...answering the odd question from the kids and Jason and drifted in and out of sleep. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

So that has been my first week. I would've blogged about something else...but nothing else happened!!! I missed two opportunities to hang out with friends...but I guess thats going to happen more often than not for the next six months!! Kinda sucky...but thats my life right now!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The first of many days!

Well today was day one of school and I made it through that...just many more to go! I think its going to be a good course. I actually know two people in my course and they are a hoot, so thats good!

As many of you know I had to put Rowyn into daycare and...that went well too! I'm so proud of my little boy, he's so brave and such a help, he has had a great attitude about all of this...definitely a gift from God. I was cuddling with him tonight before I put him to bed and just started to cry...I told him how much he meant to me and how proud I was of him for being brave and not making a fuss at daycare. He got all teary eyed too. He's always been in tune with how I feel, if I'm the least bit upset or panicky...he always stops whatever he is doing and will come and give me a hug. I miss him already and I've only been in school for one day!!

So this morning I was on time with getting everyone ready, along with myself. Got out to the truck (yes we still have it...and are keeping it...another story for another time) and wouldn't you know it...all the doors were frozen shut along with the key holes! AHHHHHHH!!! I was not a happy camper. So I called Jason and told him that I couldn't get into the truck...and the van has a foot of crusty icy hard snow on it, so I wasn't going to attempt to remove all that. So he was already on his way out of town, but turned around to bring me the remote lock thingy for the truck (we only have one), while I was waiting for him I decided that I needed to do something about the I went back into the house, got a loooong extension cord and my blowdryer and de-iced the lock on the truck...I beat Jason to it! I met up with him on my way and he gave me the remote...just in case! Finally we were on our way...then I thought I had gone too far past his daycare, so once again I was freaking out cause I was late with everything! Turned out I turned one block too soon...ahhhhh! So by the time I got him to daycare it was already 9am...time for me to be at the college! What a day. Thankfully he went into daycare without much fuss and I was back on the road and in my seat at school by 9:10am!! Of course, I was the last one to arrive! Fashionably late? haha, I don't think so!!

So that pretty much sums up my first day. I hope to be one time and have everything running extra smooth tomorrow! I have also figured out that I'm not going to have much of a life during the week. They said that we should expect around 10 hours of extra work besides school peer week. So I will get home shortly after 4pm...spend time with the kids, have supper, spend a bit more time with the kids, get them to bed and then onto studying and then bed myself. Seems as if I will be very busy for the next six months! Oh well...its a good thing!

Just wanted to thank all of you who have supported me and have prayed for me over the past while, it means ALOT to me to know that I have so many people who love me! Thankyou!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year...New Beginnings!

Well hello everyone out there who reads this blog...which doesn't seem to be too many these days if I consider the lack of comments that I get when I do in fact post. Oh well!

Happy new year to you all. I hope you all had a great christmas and are looking forward to what this year will bring into your life.

I have a few things to look forward to. First of all school. I start next week on the 7th...should be an interesting and busy next six months. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house and being busy...I've been a stay at home mom for ten years now...I've loved every minute of it...but its now time to get out and do a few things for me!! I'm also looking forward to maybe getting away for a bit by myself...not sure when or where...but I would enjoy a little trip all by myself...time will tell if that will indeed happen. I'm also looking forward to my favorite artist of all time to release his new album on Feb 12th...oh how I cannot wait...I'm sure I will not be able to get it anywhere for a while as we only have good old Walmart to buy music at around here (as well as the christian book store...but it won't be sold there)...but I will be checking everytime I go there...which is usually a couple of times a week (sad, I know). My mom is having a big birthday this month as well. I wish that I could be in Saskatoon to celebrate it with her...but I don't think that'll happen. I hope that its a wonderful year for her filled with many blessings! I have a good feeling about this year. I'm also looking forward to meeting my friend Jordin in person sometime this year...that'll be part of my little getaway for sure! I think alot of goals will be met this year...goals that I've had for a long time...but just haven't had the time or the energy to get them done.

I've been drawing feels so good! I used to draw alot...especially when I was in school, it was my best subject by far (art). Its so relaxing and its fun to challenge myself. Jason got me some nice paint brushes (good ones...not cheap ones) and some artist quality pencil crayons and yesterday I bought myself some good markers as well. I like to mix things up a bit when it comes to art. Lately I've really enjoyed drawing tattoo type artwork...its fun and anything goes it seems. I'm sure I will expand my ideas as time goes by...but for now I'm just playing around with it and having fun!! Thats what it should always be about!

This year is also going to be about getting into better shape...not only physically, but spiritually as well...I honestly don't think that you can have one without the other. If you exercise and eat right...your mind works better and you just feel better and you can concentrate on not only your relationship with God better, but your family and friends as well. And without God in your life...nothing is possible! So first have God, include him in everything and it will all work out...easier said than me I know! But worth it in the end!!!

Well I'm not making any definite resolutions for this year...I've never been one for that kind of stuff...but I will try to make some changes and achieve certain goals and I won't beat myself up about them if I slip up or in the end fail...cause life is too short, I'll just do my best and see what happens from there!

Have a great 2008 everyone!!
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