Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well...I think I have finally figured out a few things in my life. I think I may almost feel at peace about it too...which is a wonderful, wonderful feeling!!!

As a few of you know, I had applied to take the LPN course out here about two years ago (it would have started in Jan of 08) unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the college revamping the course, etc. Needless to say I was disappointed. I have wanted to take an LPN course for over five years now, before I even moved out here...but Saskatoon didn't offer it at the time. I ended up taking the Home Support/Resident Care Aide course was half the length of the LPN (only six months instead of twelve) and was a good introduction into working in the health field. As I look back, I honestly don't think that I would have lasted twelve months straight through in school, as I hadn't been in school for quite some time! I probably would've dropped out. With taking the Care Aide course, I realized that I could do it! I've never had much confidence in myself when it came to school...I had a hard time in highschool...and I didn't enjoy the learning part that much...just the socializing:) When I went to hairdressing school, I graduated at the top of my class. I think wanting to do something over having to do something makes a huge difference! So last year, since it was my choice to be in school...I ended up graduating with Honors...would would've thunk it? Not me! Lol! So, I now know that I CAN do it! I am smart!

My last few posts have been mostly about leaving here. Someday, I hope we can, but until then, I NEED to make the best of it while I'm here! Last night I couldn't sleep. I started thinking about the LPN program again. I looked online at the one in Saskatoon...since lately, we've been kind of thinking of "home". At the moment, they are not taking any apps for next year and none from out of the province...and are going to be making it hard to get into the course by making it not first come first served...but instead who is the most qualified to take the course! That's how they're doing it for most of the course at the college in Saskatoon. Fair? I don't know. The waiting lists are crazy out there! So that wasn't really an option in my eyes. Then I looked at takinig the course through distance ed from a college in Edmonton. I wasn't too sure about doing the courses on my own...and then when I saw how much tuition was for out of province students...I axed that idea right away...its double for out of province students...crazy! In BC, the course is twelve months straight through...its a condensed course. In other provinces its two school years, or approx. 16mths. If I took it anywhere but here, I wouldn't graduate until 2012 if that...where as if I take it here, I'll graduate at the end of 2010!

So...... today I applied for the Jan 2010 LPN course and start upgrading in Bio on monday! Ahhhh!!! Then in Math in Sept. Crazy!!! As much as we've wanted to leave here...nothing seems to be happening. I finally decided that I need to make the best if things while I'm here...and achieving my goals can still be done while I'm here. I don't need to put my life on hold just because I'm not exactly where I want to be. I mean, a lot of people think that I hate it out here...I honestly don't. I just miss being able to see my family and friends from back home more than I do. I feel isolated out here in the a few other things, but I don't hate it! A lot has happened in my life while being out here...a lot of mistakes have been made...but a lot of learning has also happened. Its all part of life...the good, the bad and the ugly. I just don't want to let another day go by thinking that I shoulda...but I didn't. If something happens between now and Jan and we end up be it. Atleast I'm prepared and have a plan if we don't. If I hadn't applied for the course and was still here in Jan...I would've been very upset with myself.

Well, I just wanted to share that with you all. Looks like I'm going to be busy for a while now...that'll be a good thing! I just pray that they don't end up cancelling the course again! That would honestly suck! I thank God for finally giving me the sense to just live and to stop regretting and thinking about things that may never be. He knows what He has planned for my life...all I can do is go to Him for guidance and hope that I'm doing the right thing in His eyes!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Woman's Prayer

I pray for
Wisdom to understand a man
Love to forgive him
And patience for his moods

Because Lord, if I pray for strength,
I'll just beat him to death.

Jason saw this poem on the wall of his friend's mom's house last night...he thought that I'd like it...I do:) Lol!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well its done...I slipped my letter of resignation under the door of my now former bosses office door!!! It feels good!

I got on with another place here in town. I won't officially start for a week or two yet...but thats me a bit of time to just chill! I gave my two weeks at my other job...but honestly, I won't be taking any shifts if they call. Is that bad of me? I mean, I do have a choice if they do, so I'm fine with saying NO! For my new job I still need to get a criminal record check done and also a note from my Dr. saying that I am capable of doing the work that the job requires.

Speaking of Dr's. I just found out, through the local paper mind you, that my Dr. is leaving! Um, thanks for letting you patients know! We don't have enough Dr's out here as it I need to find my family another one! Great!!! I sure wish that I could go back my Dr. in Saskatoon...I loved her, she's helped me through so much...she was the bomb!!!! Some people didn't like her, but just like with all people, you click with some and you don't with others...such is life.

I'm recertifying in my first aid tomorrow. Last time I took it, I registered for a class at our local college. It was fine, I passed, all was good. This time I'm taking it through St. John's Ambulance. I'm suppose to read about 20 chapters and answer the quizes at the end of each of them. I only registered yesterday and I've only gotten through 4 chapters...and here I sit and type. I hate reading as it is! Hopefully it'll all go well and I'll pass. I need if for my job. I needed it for my last job and they were suppose to pay for it...but that never happened. Oh well.

So J's been applying for a few jobs as of late. Three on the island...and three in Saskatoon. There are one or two in Calgary that he needs to check out as well...if he ever gets the time to do it. Work is keeping him busy!! We've decided that it probably isn't the smartest thing to just focus solely on one particular area. We need to be open to other area's and other possibilities. I think we'd be happy with almost anything between the island and Saskatoon to be honest. So we'll see what happens...I look forward to the day that I can write a post about J's new job and that we're moving!

I was talking with my daughter about moving. She really wants to move as well. She's bored out I think she misses being able to see family on a more regular basis...we all miss that! She told me yesterday that she thinks that being closer to family is more important that being close to the ocean...which she loves! I think that girl has her head on so straight that I couldn't make it any straighter if I tried. I needed to hear that. We just need to be living where we have easier access to family. Whether thats living in the same province or community, or being able to get seat sales so we can quickly fly to where we want or need to be. Either way, I think we'd all be a lot happier if we had any of those options!

Well as usual, thats all I got. I hope everyone who reads this blog is well and that spring has arrived wherever you are! Today was beautiful out here. I'm not sure how warm it got, but around 6pm, it said that it was +14 on our trucks thermometer!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Song...

Right now I want to be sitting on a beach, staring out into the sea and listening to this song (first song on his myspace playlist) ...for some reason it lets me feel sad, yet hopeful all in the same...not sure why. I just love it!
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