Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A bit of an update (for Jenny:)

Well things are good. The kids are in soccer...Syd loves it...I think Rowyn does too as he talks about it all the time...but he has yet to participate...grrrr!!! He's had a practise and a game and hasn't gotten on the field yet...that kid!! Clinical is going well...I'm sooooo glad to be done with school. I work in the local care home three days a week...thurs, fri and saturday 7am-3pm...its going pretty good. I did have one day where a resident flipped out on me and swore up both sides of me for about five minutes. I was told that I should have left her (she was in a special lift for going onto the toilet as she doesn't walk) as long as the brakes were on, so she could think about how she was acting. But I didn't. I got her ready and then left the room and broke down bawling like a baby. I wasn't hurt by her comments...just more in shock I guess...just a natural reaction for me...I have never in my life been talked to the way she talked to me...oh well...its all part of the job!!

Right now my parents are here...its so nice having them around. The kids and I hadn't seen them since August and its been about a year for Jason. We've just been puttering around the house, trying to get a few things done. Syd's in heaven as grandma will play board and card games with her all the time ( I hate games...I know, I'm bad) and Rowyn is acting life a goofball and also seeing how far he can push everyone...which isn't so good! He's also learned how to ride his bike this past week without training wheels. You should see him...its like he's been riding a two wheeler for years already...going in an out of the ditches and flying down the can't keep him off that bike...its almost to the point of annoying how much he loves to ride...I'm kind of glad that we're having a good rain today;)

So thats about it for me...I think we're going to head to Prince Rupert this saturday...its my grad day and I should be walking across the stage...but its an all day affair and I'd rather be spending it doing something with my family and something thats alot more fun. There's only a handful from my class that are actually going, so really, I don't feel guilty about it.

I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying spring!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Been A While!

Well first off...all I have to say is PHEW!!! Glad that part is over!!! Yesterday was my last exam and my last day in a classroom!!! No more racking my more information more brain spillage because its so crammed pack of "stuff"'ll be nice just go to clinical and do my thing three days a week and then enjoy my four days off...sooooo nice! A few of us went out to celebrate last was alot of fun I must say. Its been nice getting to know some new people and making some new friends...a couple of them have been really supportive when times have been tough...I'm very thankful for them. I'm just so glad that I am no longer stuck in a room with over 20 women all day long...soon they were going to have to pad the walls in that room...not only for my sake, but for the sake of a few of us. I certainly won't miss the dram either!

So since I've been in school...I've been doing alot of sitting...I'm so glad that I now will have the time and the mental energy to get out and do some exercising...its been too long and its starting to show unfortunately. I've been so drained mentally and emotionally that I haven't seemed to even eat poor family hasn't had many decent meals since I've started school...hopefully that'll now change!

My parents are coming down/up...whichever way you look at it. Next weekend they'll be here. I haven't seen them since August...thats just too long! Jason hasn't seen them in a year! It'll be so nice to have them around. My house is in such disarray I better start tidying up and organizing so they have somewhere to sleep...cause at this moment...there is alot of stuff piled up on that spare bed!!

Well I hope all of you are doing well!!
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