Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conversation in the van...

While me and my son were out and about today...we some how started talking about the tides. He knew that the tides were affected by the moon, but asked me how.
I said that I wasn't quite sure how that all worked.
He said, "Well the boss knows"!
I said, "yes, he does"!
He said, "You know who the boss is don't you"?
I said, "Yes, I do! He even knows how many hairs there are on your head"!
He said, "I know that...and he knows how many hairs there are on dad's chest"!!!!

I just about peed myself! Where does this kid get this stuff? Haha!

One time I was showing him a picture of his dad when he was about in grade 7 or so, I asked Rowyn if he knew who that was and he said that he didn't. I told him that it was his dad. He then replied with, "DAD WAS BLACK"????? Hahahahaha! Jason has a pretty dark tan in the picture...but he is not black...that kid...always making me smile and laugh!


Melissa said...

What a kid?! hahaha! He makes me laugh too.
Love, Melissa

Ruth said...

oh man!! this made me laugh out loud....again!!!!!! so awesome!

Ej said...

hahahaha very funny. I am rather worried for when mine can say something like that - lol

Tamara said...

lol He's seriously the best!

Trev and Rebekah said...

I seriously love what kids say!

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