Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Quickie!

As I sit here, I really should be sitting upstairs studying...I have ANOTHER test that I've hardly studied for yet. Syd's been sick all week with the flu (I think) she's had no appetite, has been stuffed up, coughing, headachy, tummyachy and has had a fever. We've been playing somewhat of a juggling act with who should stay home with her this week. Unfortunately, some days she's had to spend some time at home alone. Oh how I wish we had a grandma or two, or an aunty to comfort her when we can't. Its been a hard, guilt ridden week. I think Rowyn's coming down with it now too. He's zonked out in my bed and has been since atleast 5pm!

School's going well. I'm passing my exams (70% is a pass) so I have no worries there. Some get passed better than other's...but as long as I pass, thats all I care about. Somedays its hard being in a room with 24 women...yes, just imagine it...eek!! But all in all its good...we've had some good laughs this week, so thats nice.

Well thats about it for now...hope everyone else out there is doing alright.


Ej said...

Praying for your family - and yeah for you for passing everything!

Jenny said...

With 24 women I wonder if Aunt Flow will make her appearance at the same time for everyone? (not sure why I thought that, but I did)
If Syd ever wants to come and bunker down with us...just let me know. q

Tanya said...

Thanks EJ!!

Jenny, I've often wondered that myself...about us all getting Aunt Flow at the same far it hasn't rubbed off on me!! Thanks for the offer with Syd too!

Tamara said...

Aw I hope the kids start feeling better..being sick is NOT fun. Not fun at all..

I know the feeling of being with women all day, every day. When one's in a bad mood, everyone is right along with them in under 5 minutes flat!

Connie said...

said a prayer for you today. :)

DaRcI said...

Hopefully the flu stops with Rowan.

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